Karen Schifano CV
2014     Karen Schifano: Paintings,Works on Paper, curated by Emily Berger, Melville House, NY, NY
             Karen Schifano: American Colonial, curated by Chris Ashley, Some Walls, SF, CA
2012     Karen Schifano: Works on Paper,  Side Studio Project Space, Sydney, Australia            
             Karen Schifano: I'll Take You There,  Sydney Non-Objective  Contemporary Art Projects, Gallery 1, Sydney, Australia
2010     Karen Schifano/Paige Williams: The Space Between,  Blank Space Gallery, NY, NY
2008     Karen Schifano: Out of Bounds, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
2005     Karen Schifano: New Paintings, Tobey Fine  Arts, NY, NY
2004     Karen Schifano: New Paintings, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY 
2000     Karen Schifano: Paintings on Paper, Wagner College Gallery, Wagner Union,Wagner College, NY, NY
1984     Karen Schifano / Joanne Hartman, Edward Williams Gallery, Fairly Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ
1982     Karen Schifano / Heidi Steiner, Hunter College Gallery,Hunter College, NY, NY
1981     Karen Schifano / Jim Quinlan, WPA Gallery, NY, NY
1980     Karen Schifano Fellows Exhibition, Hudson D. Walker Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2018     The Proscenium, George Gallery, NY, NY (upcoming)
             Beyond Black and White, organized by Li Trincere, Henry Brown, Westbeth Gallery, NY, NY
             Sideshow Nation VI: The Greatest Show on Earth, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
             Mighty Minis, curated by Suzan Shutan, traveling show, Melanie Carr Gallery, Essex, CT

2017     Maniac: Manic Episode 5, Ely Center for the Arts, New Haven, Ct.  (upcoming)
             Mighty Mini, curated by Suzan Shutan, Souterrain Gallery, West Cornwall, Ct.
             Abstract Wall Painting III: 100 Years DeStijl, Transmitter Gallery, NY, NY
             New York Art Live!, Umeda Gallery Osaka, Japan
             Oppler, curated by Mel Prest, Transmitter Gallery, NY, NY
             Sideshow Nation VThru the Rabbit Hole 2, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
2016     The Warmth of Winter, curated by Dee Shapiro, National Arts Club, NY, NY
             Of an Urban Nature, co-curated by +1+1 collective, Theodore:Arts pop-up, NY, NY
             Color, Shape & Form III, Galerie Gris, Hudson, NY
             in this place, curated by Kirk Stoller, c2c/wc, San Francisco, Ca.
             Sideshow Nation IV: Thru the Rabbit Hole, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
2015     Evolution of Immediacy, curated by Kevin Daly, Ball & Socket Arts, Cheshire, Ct.
             Going Big, curated by Suzan Shutan, Susan Carr, Central Booking Gallery, NY, NY
             Family Ties, curated by Julie Torres and Bonnie Leibowitz, 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX
             Gone Fishin', curated by Dana Kane, W'burg Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY
             All/Together/Different, curated by Linda Driggs, Manny Cantor Center, NY,NY
             Sideshow III: Circle the Wagons!, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
             Paperazzi IV, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, NY, NY 
2014     Doppler Shift,  curated by Mary Birmingham,  Center for the Visual Arts, Summit, NJ 
              Family Style, curated by Julie Torres, Formerly Pocket Utopia, NY  
             view.point, curated by Pia Coronel, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary, NY, NY
             Top Drawer,  Imogen Holloway, Saugherties, NY
             Capture the Rapture,  curated by Rory Devine, CB1 Gallery, LA, CA
              Paperazzi 3, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, NY, NY
              Sideshow Nation II: The Alamo, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
2013      Punchline, curated by Kevin Daley, The Institute Library, New  Haven, Conn,
              Maniac  Episode #4: Maniac visits Groningen,  curated by Wilma Vissers,   NAS, Groningen, Netherlands
              Doppler, curated by Mel Prest, Parallel Art Space, NY, NY 
              Dual Zone,  curated by Patricia Zarate, Key Projects, NY, NY
              Paperazzi 2,  Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, NY, NY
              Sideshow Nation, Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
              Right and Other Angles, curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Soft Spot (online curatorial project) www.soft-spot.net
2012      CCNOA 30/30 Image Archive Project #3, le Moins Un, Paris, France                                
              Something Sacred, Imogen Holloway Gallery, Saugerties, NY
              Making Room: Ten Interpretations, curated by Suzan Shutan, The Institute Library, New Haven, Conn. 
              30 Year Jubillee Benefit/Auction, curated by Christoph Dahlhausen, GKG, Bonn, Germany 
              Manic Episode #3: Hamburg  1. Kunstlerhaus, 2. Rathaus, curated by Wahida Azhari, Hamburg, Germany
              Boundary Hunters, curated by Rachael Wren & Matthew Farina, Fosdick- Nelson Gallery, Alfred University, Alfred, NY                      
              As Far as the Eye Can See, curated by Adam Lister,  Adam Lister Gallery, Fairfax, Virg    
              Doppler Effect, traveling suitcase  exhibition curated by Mel Prest, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zagreb
              Grid List, curated by Mark Sengbusch:  1.The Center Galleries, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI,  
                        2. Allegra La Viola Gallery,  New York, NY
              Mic:Open (occupy), Sideshow Gallery, NY, NY
              Paperazzi,  Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, NY, NY
2011      Saturation Point, An International Survey of Reductive art, curated by Patrick Morrissey, The  Gallery on the Corner, GB
              Gifting Abstraction, curated by Mariangeles  Soto-Diaz, Soho 20 Gallery, NY, NY  
              Objectivity,  ParisCONCRET, Paris, France
              An Exchange with Sol LeWitt , organized by Regine Basha, Mass MoCA, North Adams,MA  
              The Big Show, Silas Marder Gallery,  Bridgehampton, NY
              1st International Festival of Non-Objective Art, curated by Roland Orepuk, Pont de Claix, Grenoble, France  
               Plane Speaking, McKenzie Fine Art, NY, NY
               It’s All Good (Apocalypse Now!), Sideshow Gallery, New York, NY
2010       Escape from New York,  curated by Matthew Deleget, The Engine Room, Massey U., Wellington, New Zealand
               Touch II, curated by Brent Hallard, ParisConcret, Paris, France
2009       Open House for Butterflies, Minus Space Project Space, N.Y., NY
               Gallery Selections: Small Scale Works, Tobey Fine Arts, N.Y., NY
               Escape from New York, curated by Matthew Deleget, Project Space Spare Room, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
2008       Minus Space, curated by Phong Bui,  PS1 MoMA, LIC, NY
               Gegenstandlos, Gesellschaft fur Kunst und Gesteltung, e.V., Bonn, Germany
               Gallery Selections, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
               Touch, curated by Brent Hallard, Bus-Dori Project Space, Tokyo, Japan  
               Escape from New York, curated by Matthew Deleget, Curtin U. of Technology, Perth, Australia  
2007       Verus Painters, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
               Subspecies, curated by Shinsuke aso, Tobey Fine arts, NY, NY
               Escape from New York, curated by Matthew Deleget, Sydney Non- Objective, Sydney, Australia
2006       Correspondence to a Single Point, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
2005       Dreaming in Abstraction, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
               Phallus…Vagina…Tomb…, Tobey Fine arts, NY, NY
               A Baker’s Dozen, curated by Marjorie Vecchio,Ceres GalleryNY,NY
2004       Pure Painting II, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
2003       International Juried Show, juried by Anne Umland, (Assoc. Curator,MOMA), New Jersey Center for Visual Arts,
                       Summit, NJ (award)
               Art of the Northeast 54th Annual Exhibition, juried by Harry Philbrik, (Dir., Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum),
                       Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, Conn.
2002       Twenty-Fifth Small Works, juried by Barbara Millstein, (Curator,Brooklyn Museum of Art), 80 Washington Sq.E., NY, NY
                Reactions, ExitArt, NY, NY
2001       Art of the Northeast, 52nd Annual Exhibition, juried by Bill Arning, (Curator, ICA),
                     Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, CT
                Everybody Gets Laid: Dirty Drawings, Tobey Fine Arts, NY, NY
                Twenty- Fourth Small Works , juried by Peter Blum, (Dir., Peter Blum Gallery), 80 Washington Square East, NY, NY


2017       Artist Lecture Series, #54: "Lisa Beck and Karen Schifano", curated by Zoe Pettijohn, Christopher Schade and Michael
                     Lee, Greenpoint Studio, NY, NY 
               Studio Visit with Pratt Institute MFA class, my studio, NY, NY
2015       Part to Whole: Work by Li Trincere and Ken Weathersby, curated by Karen Schifano, Key Projects Art Space, NY, NY
2009       Minusspace.com, “Incongruous Associations and Visceral Urges: An Interview with Sculptor Fawn Krieger,
                        by Karen Schifano, 9/2 
                Minusspace.com, Viewlist,  “Bulletin Board: Inspiration Information*”, by Karen Schifano, 7/21  
                Company  catalog, Fawn Krieger, Art in General, NY, NY (“CustomerTestimonial” essay)
2008        Minusspace.com,”Bibi Calderaro’s  PRESENT: An Interview with the Artist by Karen Schifano “,  4/15         

2018       New American Paintings, Northeast Edition
2017       Lula Japan, Issue #7 Autumn, "Transparent"
               Joanne Matter Art Blog: "An Aggregate of Forces: 60 Women Artists Over 60", Aug. 2
2015       Seen Around Town: Gallery Travels.com, Anne Russinof,  "Part to Whole at Key Projects", Nov. 19
               Mockingbirdthoughtz blog, Steven Gibson, "Karen Schifano", Nov. 7
               Joanne Mattera Art Blog, "Going Big on the Lower East Side", 8/4
               Seen Around Town: Gallery Travels.com,  Anne Russinof, "Going Big", 8/1
               Camplinart Blog, April 28
2014       Toujours Simple, ParisConcret Anniversary catalog
               Joanne Mattera Art Blog, "A Walk Through Doppler Shift", Oct. 2
               Doppler Shift,  print catalog published in conjunction with the Exhibition,Center for Visual Arts of NJ, essays by Mary 
                       Birmingham, Thomas Micchelli
               Joanne Mattera ArtBlog, "Summer Solos, 4: Karen Schifano", 8/7
                Structure and Imagery.Blogspot.com, Paul Behnke,"Karen Schifano: Studio Visit",  6/3 (also in Painter's table)
                Structure and Imagery.blogspot.com, Paul Behnke , "Painters!(I Admire Greatly)", 3/ 9
                LA Artscene,  Jody Zellen, "Rory Devine and Capture the Rapture", March issue
2013       The New Haven Independent, "Punchline Lands at the Institute Library", 11/18
                Curating Contemporary.com, "Emptiness is Form", curated by Jason Stopa, 11/, 20
                Painter's Progress.blogspot.com,"Have You Met Karen Schifano?", 11/ 19
                Artorbiter.com, 6/ 27 post          
                NY Arts Magazine, "In Conversation: Mel Prest interviews Karen Schifano",  Summer issue
                Doppler,  print catalog published in connection with Parallel Space Art Exhibition, Blurb
                Making Room: Ten Interpretations, essays by Suzan Shutan, Joanne Mattera, print cat, Blurb
2012        Joanne Mattera Art Blog, "'Making Room' in New Haven",  Oct. 31
                Boundary Hunters,  essay by Eric Sutphin, cat. published in connection with the exhibition, Alfred University
                Doppler Effect, published in connection with the exhibition, catalog - Blurb
                Two Coats of Paint Blog,"Year-End Roundup: The IMAGES Column 2011",1/2 
                Joanne Mattera Art Blog, "Paperpalooza", Jan
2011        Joanne Mattera Art Blog, "Rhomboid Redux", 5/25
                Artists Unite.com, Sky Pape, "Don Voisine at McKenzie Fine Art", 5/20 
                Two Coats of Paint  blog, “Karen Schifano”, 1/28
                Wall Street Journal, “Picassos in Reverse”, Ralph Gardner, 1/ 7
                Joanne Mattera Art Blog, “It’s a Plane!”, 1/ 7  (also in The Painter's Table.com)
                1St. International Festival of Non-Objective Art,  essay by Roland Orepuk, published in connection with the exhibition
2010        Minimalissimo.com, Adrien Clement, "Karen Schifano's  Tape Installations", 8/ 24
               Joanne  Mattera Art Blog, “Studio Visit with Karen Schifano”, 2/ 11 (also in         The Painter's Table.Com)   
2008        brenthallard.wordpress.com, “Visual Discrepancies”, online interview, 11/8
2006        Markszine.com, Mar. issue
2005        New York Sun, “Gallery Going”, David Cohen, 8/ 5


'98-       Returning Fellows Residency, Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Provincetown, MA (Septembers)
2003      Merit Award  (juror: Anne Umland, Assoc. Curator, MOMA) International Juried Show, NJ Center for Visual Arts,Summit,NJ
1995      Juror’s Merit Award in Sculpture (juror: Richard Flood, Chief Curator, Walker Art  Center) Three Rivers Arts Festirval,
                       Pittsburgh, PA
1979       Visual Fellow, Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Provincetown, MA
1979       Visual Fellow, MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH (June-July)
1987 -     Senior Painting Restorer, Simon Parkes Art Conservation, Inc., NY, NY
1983        MFA in Painting, Hunter College, N.Y., NY  
1976        BA in Art History, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
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